Palette of Touches - Elementary and Intermediate

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Palette of Touches offers a way for developing pianists to gain an aural awareness of tonal colors available on the piano and the technical tools needed to produce them in performance. The book introduces a variety of legato, staccato, and chordal touches through the following:

  • Detailed descriptions, photographs, and online video clip demonstrations
  • Recommended touch symbols to apply to printed exercises and scores
  • Exercises specifically written to match each touch
  • Excerpts from traditional piano literature for quick application
  • Selected pieces of classical repertoire that feature each touch.

Teachers and students learn to define interpretive decisions in music being studied using a descriptive, clear-cut "touch vocabulary," assigning a level of weight into the key (key depth) to define dynamics, and through exercises and repertoire that allow students to physically fine-tune the sound and feel of these touches. The results can be remarkable. Student performances suddenly gain life and vitality!


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Palette of Touches - Elementary

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Palette of Touches - Intermediate




  Johann Nepomuk Hummel - Concertino, op. 73

The Hummel Concertino orchestral score and parts are available here.
The piano reduction is available from Neil A. Kjos Music Company.


Orchestral Score $40.00  
Piano Reduction $8.45 Available from Neil A. Kjos Music Company
Individual Parts $5.00 each Strings (Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello/Bass)
$4.00 each Winds (Flute, Horn 1, Horn 2, Oboe 1, Oboe 2, Bassoon)

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"I literally woke up one morning to the sounds of this delightful concertino on my clock radio. It was perfect for that gap of repertoire between the simple concertinos of Haydn and his D Major concerto; however, it was no longer in print. After a solid year of research at the Library of Congress and the British Library, this wonderful concertino was again in print thanks to Kjos and can be enjoyed by students, teachers, and audiences." – Joanne Haroutounian

Composed in 1816 by the outstanding Austrian pianist, composer and teacher, Johann Hummel, Opus 73 in G shines with finely sculpted melodies above a basic moving accompaniment with elements of virtuosity interwoven for dramatic effects. Joanne Haroutounian's orchestral reduction fits the hand and defines the chamber orchestra sounds with finesse.


Chamber Music Sampler

Book 1   Pius Köhler   Scherzo from Trio in Bb
Julius Klengel   Allegro from Kindertrio in G
Julius Klengel   Finale from Kindertrio in F
Muzio Clementi   Allegretto from Trio in D
Book 2   Franz Joseph Haydn   Finale (Allemande) from Trio in Eb, Hoboken XV:29
Julius Klengel   Andante from Kindertrio in D, op. 39 no. 2
Muzio Clementi   Two Movements from Trio Sonata, op. 35 no. 2
Book 3   Franz Joseph Haydn   Rondo all' Ongarese from Trio in G, Hoboken XV:25
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart   Allegro Assai from Trio VI, K. 254
Franz Schubert   Scherzo from Trio in Eb, op. 100
Ludwig van Beethoven   Trio VIII, opus posthumous

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Chamber Music Sampler embraces the student, teacher, and adult performer to encourage more widespread performance of chamber music by offering music that is accessible. Musicians from piano students, string studios, school orchestras, and life in general will have more opportunities to discover the joy of making music with others on an intimate scale.” – Joanne Haroutounian

Chamber Music Sampler, Books 1, 2, and 3 are collections of short works or movements from trios for violin, cello, and piano in progressive levels of performance difficulty. Relatively unknown but charming piano trios by Muzio Clementi, Pius Köhler, Julius Klengel and other are included with movements from trios by Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, and Schubert.

Editor Joanne Haroutounian selected these uniquely charming pieces because of their accessibility for students as well as adult chamber music enthusiasts. All of the works are original and not arranged, with clearly edited fingerings and bowings. The books include additional details on specific performance suggestions.