The following workshops can be modified or expanded in length to suit multiple day seminars or one-credit courses in piano pedagogy at colleges and universities. Dr. Haroutounian can also arrange a day in combination with workshops for private or small group pedagogy/performance lessons where she works with piano teachers seeking questions about repertoire or technique they are working with in lessons as well as in their own piano skill development. Contact Dr. Haroutounian for discussion of fees for workshops, seminars, and coursework.

Assessment in the Studio

In our studios, there is no question that we see and hear progress in performance, listening, theory work, and general musical understanding with our students. How can we communicate this effectively to parents? How can we set concrete goals for each student, with specific assessment to check student achievement? How are we doing as teachers? This interactive seminar asks participants to discuss student assessment ideas as well as self-assessment or our own teaching through videotaped lessons. (1- 1 1/2 hours)

Contemporary Repertoire: A Springboard for Composition

Yes, there is contemporary literature beyond the Festival Bulletin. Teachers will explore repertoire that plays with different contemporary compositional ideas that can be used as a basis for guiding students into improvising and composing. Contemporary literature becomes "user-friendly" in this active workshop where participants play with contemporary sounds found in beginning to intermediate literature. This expanded hands-on workshop not only presents contemporary literature that is fun to teach but will also include partner improvisation and composing that will provide teachers with a simple way to include creative "play" and composition in their studios. Participants will receive a useful list of contemporary literature and effective ways to expand on ideas from this literature through composition. (2 hours)

What did the Judge Say? The Impact and Benefit of Constructive Criticism

How can we develop effective adjudication critiques that avoid biting criticism and mundane generalities? An active participation in the judging process throughout, with shared comments and taped and student live performances. (1-1 1/2 hours)

Music Theory

Creatively Exploring Music Theory

Would you like students to eagerly ask, "When can we have theory?" This session presents a comprehensive approach to theory that includes analysis, composition, ear training, rhythmic experiences, and lots of creative fun! The session discusses how to fit theory into your studio offerings and presents a full explanation of how to use Explorations in Music theory books and tapes with active participation throughout. (2 hours)

Chamber Music

Bringing Strings into the Piano Studio

Why not bring the joy of chamber music into your studio? Discover repertoire comfortable for intermediate level students. Guidelines on networking with string teachers, rehearsal pointers, scheduling strategies, and a sample coaching session using Chamber Music Sampler piano trios can be included. (1 1/2 hours)

Talent ID in the Studio

Kindling the Spark: Recognizing and Developing Musical Talent

What are the basic underpinnings of musical talent and "musical intelligence?" How can we recognize potential talent in students and what teaching techniques foster its development? Discussion of ideas from the book, Kindling the Spark will serve as the basis of this workshop. (1 1/2 hours) (refer to Gifted/Talent Arts page)