Chapters in Books


Encyclopedia of Giftedness, Creativity, and Talent
Sage Publ. 2009
Chapters on Musicians and Musical Talent Development


Critical Issues and Practices in Gifted Education, Ed. Plucker & Callahan
Prufrock Press 2008
Chapter on Musical Talent


Early Gifts: Recognizing and Nurturing Children’s Talents Ed. Olszeski-kubilius, Limburg-Weber, Pfeiffer Prufrock Press, 2003
Chapter on Musical Talent: Nurturing Potential and Guiding Development


Journal of Secondary Gifted Education, Fall 2000
Guest editor, Special Issue on Musical Talent Development




Joanne Haroutounian's article, "Artistic Ways of Knowing in Gifted Education: Encouraging Every Student to Think Like an Artist," has now been published on Taylor & Francis Online and is in the latest issue of Roeper Review, Issue 1.
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"Artistic Ways of Knowing: Realizing the Artist Within Every Student"
American Association for Theater Education (AATE)
Incite/Insight, December, 2014
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"MusicLink: Lessons Learned After Two Decades"
MTNA e-Journal, April 2014, p. 8 - 23
Co-author, Lauren Serpati
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“The Delights and Dilemmas of the Musically Talented Teenager”
Journal of Secondary Gifted Education, Fall 2000
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“MusicLink: Nurturing Potential and Recognizing Achievement”
Arts Education Policy Review, Fall 2000
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“Perspectives of Musical Talent: Recommended Identification Criteria and Procedures”
High Ability Studies: The Journal of the European Council for High Ability, 11 no. 2, 2000
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“Drop the Hurdles and Open the Doors: Talent Development through School and Community Collaboration”
Arts Education Policy Review, 99 no. 6, 1998
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“Kindling a Musical Spark: The MusicLink Collaboration”
Communicator: The California Association for the Gifted, Spring, 1998


“MTNA Winners After A Decade: Portraits of Commitment and Excellence”
The American Music Teacher, October, November 1997
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“Judge for Yourself”
Piano & Keyboard, July/August, 1996


“Talent Identification and Development in the Arts: An Artistic/Educational Dialogue”
Roeper Review, December, 1995
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The Artist Within EVERY Child – Nurturing Artistic Ways of Knowing
Pacific Asian Conference on Giftedness – Singapore, July 2008
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Teaching the Artist Within Every Student
MTNA Conference, March 30, 2011 Milwaukee WI
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