The following is a list of chapters in Fourth Finger on B-Flat: Effective Strategies for Teaching Piano.
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1.  So You Teach Piano!
2.  Studio Nuts and Bolts
3.  21st Century and Beyond - Facing Technology Head-On
4.  First Impressions
5.  Let's Get Organized
6.  Learning Step-by-Step
7.  Our Calico Quilt of Students
A. Franke (2013-03-08 12:13:58)
8.  Never Too Old to Learn New Tricks - Teaching Adults
9.  Musical Ways of Knowing
10.  Musical Problem Solving in 10 Easy Steps
11.  Connecting with the Kid on the Bench
12.  But It Was Perfect At Home!
13.  Those Six Days at Home
14.  Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Scales?
15.  Palette of Touches
16.  A Teaspoon of Bach, a Dash of Chopin - Blend Well
17.  Stylistic Subtleties - Developing Interpretive Choices
18.  So That's a Cadence! Theory, Rhythm, Ear Training
19.  Take Time to Smell the Roses! Creativity in the Studio
20.  Reflections from the Corner of the Keyboard